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In Jerusalem: Three Generations of an Israeli Family and a Palestinian Family Beacon Press, Boston, September 17, 2019

"In immersing herself so deeply in the complex lives and stories of both Israelis and Palestinians, Lis Harris accomplishes something extraordinary here: a moving and heartfelt account on a very human scale of the intractable struggle of two peoples who share one land. Harris allows us to feel the terrible price young and old on both sides of this conflict continue to pay. And she does so with great empathy and insight, in beautifully chiseled prose."


—James Shapiro, author of A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare


"The deep and complex realities of Israeli/Palestinian daily life has had no better observer and no more judicious participant. A work for the ages."  

—Hilton A


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Tilting at Mills, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003

"In this remarkable book Lis Harris elevates an unlikely subject--an attempted marriage between urban politics nad environmental reform--to the level of high drama. We live in cities, most of us, but we don't understand them. Harris enables us to follow in riveting detail the turbulent career of a manifestly good idea, championed by a hero scientist, opposed by a surprising array of the terminally shortsighted and the villainous. When you finish this book you will know much more than you do now about why our cities are the way they are. Balzac would have loved this stuff." 

--Norman Rushm author of Mating

Rules of Engagement: Four Couples and American Marriage Today, Simon & Schuster, 1995

"This is an amazing book, because, through some uncanny writer's sleight of hand, Lis Harris manages to convince you that you actually know the people she's writing about." --Jessica Mitford 

Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family Summit Books, New York, 1985

"What is remarkable about Holy Days is its breadth and the depth of feeling and belief that it evokes."

–Philadelphia Inquirer


"With precision and elegance, Harris tells the story of the center of Hasidic life—the family—and all the institutions that revolve around it…a major accomplishment."

–The New York Times Book Review


Articles, Criticism, & Essays

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