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“Di and Li” The New Yorker, September 13, 1993

"Despite many decades of eminence as a literary and cultural critic, Diana Trilling has eluded efforts to find a catchall image for her. She has managed to slip through the net of this nearly universal process in part because the public's gaze was usually focused on her more famous husband, the late Columbia University scholar and critic Lionel Trilling, in part because of the insularity of the New York intellectual world she wrote for, and perhaps most of all, because of the complex contradictions of her persona. A phobia-racked young woman, she quickly because known for the fearlessness of her style; an early trespasser on the traditionally male world of political polemics, she reveled in motherhood and domesticity; a defender of the middle path, she has always been captivated by those who didn't take it."